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Google Pixel 5a Review simple but Gorgeous || Full Review

Google Pixel 5a Review simple but Gorgeous Full Review

First :

The first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the name Pixel is the best camera and a clean white of pure android. There are a number of cool extra features and prices beyond its reach. From 2019, Google brings their flagship device. The results are Pixel 3a, Pixel 4a and now I have pixel 5a Europe in my hand. So with this Pixel 5a, I’m Freelancer Sky and you are with Redeay Team. In the international market, pixel 5a 5g was launched with a price in the upper midrange segment, but the price tag of the premium segment has come to our country.

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Today we will talk only about the pixel 5a review.

Many days later, Pixel’s review at our sit. So as soon as I get the phone in hand, before going to the camera, the most satisfying thing is that this phone fell in hand. With display and overall smoothness. To be honest, I like this phone very much. This device weighs 183g.

But it did not seem to weigh 180g plus. This pixel 5a 5g is too wide for a narrow spec ratio. That’s why this phone was going in this hand. And a very strong grip was available. For this rubber kind of finish on the back. This finishing works in a full rare and side frame as a great fingerprint rejection. That means fingerprints don’t fall too much. For front panel protection, there is corning gorilla glass 3 which is very frustrating at this time. But the aluminum body has been used inside and is rare. That is, it has been used for the complete rare and side frame. This is the only aluminum panel because I was getting a solid with the device in hand. Strong build with IP67 dust and water registrant rating as a bonus.

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The pixel 5a google is available in a single color. And that is mostly black. And this is the only variant that is 6/128 Gb. But to see it from somewhere black is not in my head. This color seems to be depth green from black. There is no change in the design of pixel 5a Europe. Below the power button and volume broker on the right side. We have had a hard time coping with that. And a little distant texture on the power button. Just sim tray on the left side. Only one physical sim you can use in pixel 5a. pixel 5a review

pixel 5a details

pixel 5a camera specspixel 5 a canada

And you can use an E-sim with it. At the top is the 3.5mm earphone pot that has become the new moon. And a secondary noise-canceling microphone. At the bottom are the type C pot primary microphone and speaker grill. The pixel was a bit minimalistic and sinister where everyone was moving towards a basel less look. which is not the best but still looks good.


pixel 5a colors

In this pixel 5a google review Display size 6.34 ins resolution 1080P pixel density 415 PPI. They have taken this step to protect the name of 60Hz pixel 5a android 12 which has given a refresh rate like Kripa. Which is the result of their indifference. Emulate display is always on display. display type In a word, money is like usual. The display of pixel 5a produces some warm ton color. Color choice can be done from the settings, but this warm ton is still. However, giving a 60Hz panel at this price in Essex in 2021 is a bit disappointing.

But in terms of 60Hz and us and touch response was very smooth. pixel 5a android 12 widevine L1 certified and display HDR supported. stereo speaker but which produces some mono-type sound. It would have been better if it had fallen a little louder. The quality of call quality and earpiece was good. However, when he spoke a little softly, he was complaining that he could not hear from the other side. Usually, this thing is not seen anymore. The display brightness was good enough. There was no problem opening the phone in direct sunlight.

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However,if you use full brightness outdoor, it is better to hit up. Another thing I noticed is that at the maximum brightness level of the adaptive brightness, the color shape of the ass color changes to full display. Most likely it’s a bug. Because using manual mode with full brightness, I did not find any such issue. However, the full brightness of the manual mode was less than the full brightness of the adaptive brightness. Good display side by side with good haptic. Smartphone user experience enhances more. The haptic of pixel 5a review is the medium I like the price. Although each tab touch swipes up down each means all activity vervel feedback fell.

There are rare physical fingerprint sensors for security. But my point is that Em Em emulate gave a price tag so expensive but did not give an in-display fingerprint. In the beginning, I was not able to locket the fingerprint sensor that was matched with the main body. However, I used to use it for a while. And the fingerprint of the backside is quite fast but the unlocking speed of the Pixel 5a USA is a bit slow. Most likely due to animation delay. But it’s better than anything.


pixel 5a battery size

Nonperformance sentence pixel 5a USA has snapdragon 765G under the head. Which is a 7nm arke tack build octa-core chipset. And with Adriano 620 GPU. There is also Google’s own Tytan m security module. This is a security chip. What else. Regular day-to-day tasks have to be handled smoothly like butter. However, gaming did not get as smooth performance as the flagship device. Not to mention getting from this chipset. However, the Snapdragon 765G had the same gaming performance as other phones. So I read a lot of Achala. This time I will discuss a little about the camera sector. We know you are reading the article with great interest to see the camera sector. so the wit is over.


pixel 5a back button

Now we will look at the camera. pixel 5 a camera used 12.2Mp main camera lens and a 16Mp ultrawide lens. The main lens has dual pixel autofocus. And the same sensor was used in pixel 2. In other words, Google is cutting the camera even with the hardware of the previous period. The field of view of the main camera is almost 120. So let’s skip the spec and see a little real-life testing this time.

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Because in the case of Pixel, it is foolish to say spec wase. So you know very well. I was getting any type of picture in daylight just shut up take my plutocrat indeed just point and shoot. You can get a perfect shot.
When I saw the picture of pixel 5 a camera, I told my phone why you are like that. There is OIS for which even if I shake a little, I had to take it without any problem. night time it was helping more. If you take a picture at night time in normal mode, you can see a very good kind of noise.

Night Site:

pixel 5a battery life

Since it is a very old sensor but just night site on complete game change. I know from where a lot of light gathers details as well as reduces the amount of noise. If you look at the samples a little better, you will see the details better. I was getting the same quality shoot from an ultra-wide lens. Color contrast dynamic range even sharpness and matching with the main camera. However, there was some distortion in the four corners. As the light diminishes the details diminish. Noice also increases. But if you take pictures on night sites, you can get much better output.


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There is an 8Mp selfie camera on the front. Those who like flour semolina selfies will need this selfie camera cruse. Because pixels always make thick true light contrasty pictures. I got a good quality selfie with us in daylight with great dynamic range. I also got good results in lowlights. H dictation was very good in the portrait selfies side by side. The rare camera portraits were good enough. You will have to change the depth of view from background blur to image edit option. However, when zooming in with the main camera, the sharpness was a bit low. But if you don’t look for too much sharpness, you won’t notice much.


Video can be played at a maximum of 4K 60Fps. However, it is only with the main camera. Maximum 4K 30Fps with an ultra-wide camera and 1080P 30Fps video with a selfie camera. The video quality is very good. Having dual pixel autofocus, I was able to focus on anything very quickly without any kind of issue. Combining OIS and EIS, I was getting a good level of stable footage. In addition to standard stabilization, there is three more stabilization mode. The lock mode seemed quite useful to me. If you do video in this mode, it will zoom 2X from a normal video. And if you start recording video by pointing to the frame, the frame will be locked.

Even if the phone moves lightly from side to side, it stays locked in the same frame. Which does not use any kind of equipment. It will be very useful for those who do a video with the phone. android 11 has pixel 5a as os. What else can I say about user experience as the UI of pixel devices? Very clean UI. Everything was running smoothly without any kind of lag or starting in 20 days of use. The live caption of any video and the live transcribe future of voice recorder seems to be quite useful.


The pixel 5 a Canada has a 4600mAh battery. low power CPU. GPU and display combined got about 8 hours 30 minutes or 9 hours battery backup. Go to moderate use. Normal users will go away with this battery backup for about 1.5 days. And in the box is given an 18W USB PD 2.0 charger. Which took about 1 hour 40 minutes to charge.

Pixel 5 a Canada This is a small upgrade of basically pixel 4a. That’s the way there is not much hype about this phone. Because the price of this phone has been increased by 4 pixels. There is no deference with 4a 5a above it. The pixel 5a has just launched a large display and battery. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation. Just to continue a pixel a line-up but in the internalization request as a price pixel. Pixel 5a can be said to be a good deal in a big way. But someone who wants a net and clean bug-free, a beautiful camera, a handy devise and if you have a lot of money to spend for it, then you can take it from outside.

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mainly those who want the pixel’s camera performance can take the pixel 5a without suffering too much. So I talked a lot about today’s pixel, this pixel is a name that I and you love a lot. But the love name of this pixel is slowly lost in many parts. Their main issue was that every time their promising offer and new models are not new and over price. So we will wait for pixel 6 to see what new feature pixel 6 brings next. Or what the price tag is. Although we do not know if we can write an article. But if we get the phone, we will try to provide you with an article. So how do you like your pixel 5a? You must report it in the comments box below. pixel 5a review

So far I have been Freelancer Sky and you were with Redeay Team. Like today, we will see again in a new article. Until then, everyone will be fine and healthy. The price of this phone is not mentioned in the article. Let me give you another piece of information that you may not know. The price of this phone is $ . this is the pixel 5a review.

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