iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini

I am not impressed with iPhone 13 But iPhone 13 Mini is ♨ first Impression article

I am not impressed with iPhone 13 But iPhone 13 Mini is ♨ first Impression article

iPhone 12

Assalamalaikum, Redeay people.  My name is Ratanuzzaman Ripon. And you are with Redeay Team. I have two more special phones. Which is added to the iPhone 13 series. The iPhone 13 mini fell personally because it increased the battery backup. And inside came the cinematic video. With sensor shift technology and Looking at all this, I can say that it is a much more capable phone. And it is only 140g as light weight phone. As such, it can be a supper product for many people. But it is very subjective. This is a little more small phone. I told you that after using iPhone 12 mini.

iPhone 12

Now I’m unboxing. I will tell everything in your details. Who is the first iPhone 13 here? Which I took in blue color. And the blue color has been deferent this time. Last time was much darker. And this is how it is seen. If explained on camera can be a lot of defaults. I took the  13 mini white color. And trust me guys this reminds me of  13 mini iPhone 4. This phone factor is very small. Premium phones with so much light weight. Because you will see the aluminum frame. I like to see a lot more premium in white color. And if we talk about box contain, then the same cable is available for all iPhones. And with the pouch available. And Apple sticker can be found inside. With sim ejector pin. Now towards eighty phones.
Let’s talk about all the issues of these two phones. Guys, do you have a second tack to write this article? And I want to say one thing to you at the beginning, I will say it after using them. If I say iPhone 12 will be more value for money. If you have to take a low price. Because iPhone 13 mini and iPhone 13 are very good phones. I’m not calling you bad, a lot of improvement has come in them.

iPhone 13 Pro Max

But if we compare iPhone 13 Pro Max with iPhone 13 pro. This year has improved and in hand. If I compare with iPhone 13 series I am explaining everything. If we say their price, the price of 13 is RS 80000 and 13 Mini RS 70000 is the base variant. And I had three demands to see them. I was paying RS 80000 for the first time. For 13, we needed to have a refresh rate at last 90Hz on our phone. Because 2021 has come 60Hz is not affordable now in this price segment. Maybe you don’t know, if we compare iPhone 13 Pro Max with Pro series then iPhone 13 has 1 core less GPU. Which can sometimes reduce overall GPU performance by up to 60%. So this is a disappointment.
And number 3 there is no optical zoom lens. I wish Apple would add this thing. If iPhone 13 or Mini would be a better product. Here I have used better word for this because it is really a good devise. If I talk about privacy and brand value. And let’s look at the eco system, I can say with an open mind here. If you have a new iPhone, you have to pay RS 80000 or RS 70000. So you will see the best option even after that. Here I will tell you what is the best thing about them.

iPhone 13 Pro Max

First of all, if I talk about their camera. This time the sensor shift technology is enabled. You will see the dual camera setup of 12 plus 12Mp. With photographic style. That’s why you can trick your photo in a much better way during the test. If you do not like warm ton. Which generally captured the iPhone. Here comes this kind of amazing result. So brother sensor shift technology for low light also comes with a lot of good photos. So I can say yes brother things are much improved.
Cinematic Mode:

iPhone 13 Mini

And there is cinematic mode. Which will automatically keep the subject in focus. Will get out of focus again. And it is very natural as the video is made in DSLAR. Apple did a lot better. And you will see in this future. And a very good thing. second I want to tell you about performance.
Guys if you can see major hitting issue inside flagship devise in all your places. For Snapdragon 888 only. Now here is the phone of RS 80000. at last does not hit this phone. This is just like basic recommending. And Android is failing in this place in 2021. If apanism shows an interesting thing. Look at the gig banc score of iPhone 13 Pro Max and look at iPhone 13 or Mini. Here you will see many deference inside gig banc. This is not what Apple should have done. And it’s okay to show their pro series better. But for which people are paying RS 80000. There are many things to compromise. at last performance could have given better. But why didn’t Apple do it here. That doesn’t seem to be justified here.
But I will also tell you if I compare with android. Whatever comes around RS 80000, there are no ads here. RAM management is much better. And many good security systems are available. And many privet ecosystems. And with it a lot of good security system can be seen. And the whole system of obusly iPhone that is better than IOS. Their future is much better. Which is a lot more to me personally. Look much better iOS. So you get to see it. And there is no less in performance. But if we compare with last year, there is not much improvement. This I can say 100%. The guys are my personally fell. That means the  13 Mini has better efficiency in this.
This phone can play 17 hours of video. I’m talking about battery backup. And if we talk about iPhone 13, it can give 19 hours video play back. You talk. Much smaller phone mini. But even after that it is giving such efficacy. It becomes an extra ordinary inside the technology world. And here Apple has not cute 20W charging. Which can be much batter. But Apple provides save. And with it warless charging can be seen on both phones. You can buy mac safe at 15W. cheap warless which goes to 7 or 8 w. Which is not so good. So I will recommend mac safe. But here Apple has gone crazy. With iPhone 13 Mini.
The efficiency has improved a lot. And here I am talking about design. How many memes have been created here on instagram. I saw that the camera has just shifted from one place to another and made a new design. If I actually talk about the camera module, then the reason is sensor shift technology. Which consumes more space. Due to which such placement has been made. And could still enlarge the camera module. But they did not. But yes, I can tell you one thing, if I talk about the iPhone Mini, it is really a champion. If you have time, go to the Apple store once. And this phone just fell once. Because last year the battery was not so good. Battery backup was not so good, good feature could not be seen.

iPhone 13

So I don’t like that phone so much. But the  13 Mini came to the front factor with the battery backup. And cinematic video, sensor shift technology. This is actually an impressive product. But yes I would like to say iPhone 13 ok. Because not bad. but ok everything looks like that. And this is not an extra ordinary design. But this phone is a little more light and comfortable. And if we talk about the display, as it was last year, it shows a lot of bright accurate color. There is a true ton inside. There is no higher refresh rate. And we can’t forget how Apple, like sutter, said they made the notch smaller. This is also a big issue. That they have made the notch smaller. There are many more sensors installed inside. This is actually possible due to technology.
Let’s talk about the conclusion. If you have money, do you need a phone?
So my answer is that if you like small phones then there is no other option like  13 Mini. As for me, supper is a hit product. Its sensor shift technology, cinematic video will get all this. And I can call it master pec because of its technology. Because of how small this phone is. Comes with much better display. I would recommend it first. If you like small phones. Now this phone has become much more particle. But I can’t use it. Because I have a big hand. I can’t type in it. But yes it is the choice of many people.
iPhone 13 is a phone if you are entering the iPhone world. And your budget RS 80000 is actually ok phone. But still first of all I will say iPhone 12. Because seriously 12 is much better. And don’t miss too much. IOS 15 and all the features will come inside it. So my first choice is iPhone 12 then  13 Mini then iPhone 13. So today this was my thought .. You said your opinion. I am very interested to read your comments. So until today, everyone will be fine and healthy. Allah Hafiz

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