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iPhone 13 pro max USA Review Ultra Level Performance and Camera

iPhone 13 pro max USA Review Ultra Level Performance and Camera


is there a iphone 13 pro max

Assalamalaikum, Redeay People. My name is Ratanuzzaman Ripon. And you are with Redeay Team. I have two more special phones. This is iPhone 13 Pro max USA in two colors. One is gold and the other is blue. I will show you two today. And let me tell you – it came with a lot of crazy feature. I think looking at the paper you will think that this time Apple has not changed anything.

But read this article. I will say things that you have not heard. So quickly show your gold color first of all. Which I have personally taken for myself. And I like this color a lot more. I bought 12 last time blue Pro max. Which has fulfilled my hobby of how many good camera module this phone. And next to it you can see the shine carve in gold color. See how black and golden color is on the side. A lot of ornaments are falling.

iphone 13 pro max uk price

This is a cool devise. And the blue color is new now. I recommend more people. Because for the new color, others will know that you have the latest iPhone 13 Pro Max. And it is giving lightings of light blue. And you can also call it kind of jualiry. This is a very heavy phone. This time it has increased by 10g more than the previous time. This is a little bit of a problem. Actually this phone looks much more cool. The rest of the box contained. You will find a matching pouch with the cable. Where Apple sticker and some documentation is available. And it has sim ejector tool.

I will give you all the depth information of the rest of this phone. Let’s move on now. So now let’s talk about iPhone 13 Pro Max review. Of course I exited a lot. But before that I want to give you a pec of information. Which is seen in many places on the internet. Dual E-sim support can be seen in all the iPhone 13 series. This is a great thing. So now I will tell you some things about 13 Pro Max that I think you need to know.

If you buy. Number one Here we can see the advance display. Which comes with a 120Hz refresh rate. And as much as I am using this phone. I slowly felt that Apple actually gave a refresh rate of 120Hz. It’s much smoother. When I setup the phone it seemed like there was not much deference. 60Hz and Apple was one of the smoothest phones of all time.

iphone 13 pro max price uk

So I think there is not much deference. But if I type something in the settings, as the settings become short here, then guys here think how good refresh rate. I have a lot of fun when I scroll through youtube. Infect twitter is actually a lot more fun to watch twit. When I scroll more. One thing is clear when Apple comes with any technology is seriously correct. In a nutshell, you will see a lot of good brightness in the display that is good. Its pick brightness is 1000 nits. When you use it outdoor, you will feel the pro display. And with that, the notch has been made much smaller here. And now this notch is as small as in 2018 there was such a notch in some midrange phones.

But that’s a big deal now. Because there are many more sensors installed. Which has set in so many places. So this is really a big deal for Apple. And we should give a like. When I see contain, and when I see its 120Hz smooth. Got a lot more fun. I want to say second about pro camera. And I’m telling you, this year’s iPhone 13 Pro Max USA competition is difficult to expect. Especially the ones that twick here that have advanced. As for me it has been a lot more crazy. This time he has set up a triple camera. And here we can see macro photos. If you want to take a photo from a lot. And it comes with a lot of details. Everything is available at the pro level.

Cinematic :

And with it came cinematic mode. Apple has implemented it in a very good way. You also say that when Apple implements something, it implements it using the user. Which came from Oppo, Vivo many years ago. Where to say video bocky live bocky say Samsung. It has been on android for many years. But here comes the iPhone that has done so well that there is no time to think that any subject should be kept in focus. And there is no need to keep anyone in focus. It is much more intelligent. I like it a lot. Which I have not seen any other phone so far.


Than you want to say photography style. It’s been a long time since many people have complained that the iPhone’s photos are yellowish. So Apple has solved this problem in photography style. You can now take pictures of cool ton. Like white balance can be changed ton can be changed, both of these. But with these two at last white balance that it has been good. And it is very good to see the overall photo. If you compare its camera with any Android. So guys it can be found one step above the details or photo quality. You have to click the photo on the ton or white balance of your choice. This time Apple has given 3X optical zoom inside the pro max.

i phone 13

Which brings the portrait made inside a much better quality. As of now there is no competition in its photo quality. If we compare it, then they have made their own don in this apple Apple department. It has created a very open field that let’s compact with us. We have all kinds of features. I want to say in number three that there is a performance max tag. I tell you A15 bionic chipset is available. Which Apple manufactures itself. If you use it even after three years, you will still get flagship level performance.

But the apps that have been read for 3 years from today will handle it very well. Let me tell you the reason behind this. The feature of the hand will increase, the use of our GPU will increase. As well as newral engen. Because AI will play much bigger roll. The iPhone 13 Pro Max USA comes with a new engine and 5 core. Which brings the same performance here graphic should be really proud of this if you buy this phone. You can stay at last two generations ago. If you compare the entire mobile world.


iphone 13 pro max 5g

One more thing I want to tell you that I ran gig banc. The iPhone 13 has a 4 core GPU. There you will find a little less performance. If I compare graphic with Pro Max. There were some technicalities that I felt I needed to know. Because you bought Pro Max. So it’s good to know this thing. And this phone has been a little smoother for the 120Hz refresh rate than before. With A15 Bionic chipset. automatically it fell in advance. I think Apple has gone crazy. Which I like a lot. Because this time it has given such a beautiful performance. Which will be nothing until three years. I want to talk about battery backup in number four. I told you a little earlier about the 120Hz refresh rate. Which brings smooth scroll.

And gaming helps a lot. But this 120Hz consumes a little more battery. And Apple has done crazy things here. If I talk about the old 12 Pro Max, it would give 20 hours video play back. And Apple made it 28 hours at once. And also 8 hours more battery backup with 120Hz refresh rate. So here they have made the major of aphisency much higher. Which was not the aptation of the car with a refresh rate of 120Hz. So how does Apple do it. Which only Apple knows. And for that, maybe Apple’s big company.

iphone 13 pro max price in the philippines

If you want to talk about the weakness of these phones, then you must be a pro user. If you have bought a Pro phone, you need to know about the weakness of the pro. What are you missing from the android world. First of all, there is no fast charging in these phones. Which should not be. 20W is not so good today. so I wish they would have done better charging faster. I want to tell you another thing. That recile design that many people have disliked. This means that the same replica of 12 Pro Max has been recycled. A little worse goes towards it.

Many people were waiting for a change in major design. infect I was doing too. And when I saw this phone is gone. And with almost the same color, it hues disappointed itself. I would like to give you one more piece of information that cinematic video is only 1080P 30Fps this record. You can’t do more than one. And it can be called ok. But I would like to say one more thing, you can also make video on cinematic video front camera. There is a lot of good balance. One last thing I want to tell you is that there were 12 Pro Max which took a lot of heavy phone. I used it for a long time. Which seemed annoying to take the call. And this time they have given 10g more weight.

iphone 13 pro max price in the usa

So it seems more annoying. like a little heavier phone. As for me, Apple needs to use aluminum frame at last. Due to which the phone is a bit light weight. pro max doesn’t mean that you give with so much heavy phone. Infect it creates a lot more problems. And this I have personally faced a lot. Which I am telling you now. So guys let’s talk about the conclusion. That’s how I actually like this phone. So look, brother, after using some things, you can understand how much has been refined. Especially camera and display. This year I think there has been a lot of improvement. And I’m not kidding.

Many more pro phones fell. If I talk about the color option, then I have golden and blue. I will personally recommend you to take the blue one. Because blue shows that you have 13 Pro Max. Which is the latest phone of the present time. The blue color looks much cooler. And will be shot with personality. Inside the rest there is also a variant of 1TB. This means you can take up to 1TB storage this year. So you become so pro user, so heavy user this is good as this. So far today. And if you want to see Samsung’s amazing technology phone then go to mobile review and Samsung category. Go to home to get new articles. Everyone will be fine and healthy. And you must let us know how you like the article in the comments box. Allah Hafiz

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