mi 11 ultra price in pakistan

Mi 11 Ultra Price Full Review Spec and Xiaomi User Opinion

Mi 11 Ultra Price Full Review Spec and Xiaomi User Opinion

mi 11 ultra price in india

Assalamalaikum, Redeay People. How are you all? Xiaomi has been bringing this smartphone company to the global market one after another for 11 years from the very beginning. The beginning was kind of flagship killer. After that Mi 1, Mi 3 became a company that won the hearts of budget consumers by launching one phone after another with good price to performance ratio. And lastly high and flagship phone. And this is the Ultra phone. Ultra means one filled with the highest spec and feature. Xiaomi Mi series entered the era of Ultra phone with Mi 10 Ultra last year. Which was their 10th year special phone. An ideal example of a number game is the Mi 10 Ultra. 120 Time zoom capability and 120W charger. Refresh rate of 120Hz. That good condition. Even in terms of camera, There was far ahead of many famous and expensive brands. Exclude all those things now. Mi 11 Ultra Price is good .

Today we will talk only about xiaomi 11 Ultra and Mi 11 Ultra Price . globally international youtubers have shown a lot of hype and discussion about this. Now let’s talk about what changes have taken place when we finally got the phone and whether it is actually awesome or over hype. We have arranged our message about xiaomi 11 Ultra in two steps. The first step will be why this phone is special and what this phone is offering. And in the last step, what an ultra experience this phone has given us. We are doing this to make it easier for everyone to understand. I will not be bored, inshallah. And for those who are Xiaomi users, you should read the article to hear a little.

mi 11 ultra specs

Especially after hearing this news that this June, Xiaomi, Samsung and Apple have been included in the list of globally No 1 brand. According to counter pointer research. Then the first chapter begins. Why this phone is Ultra or in simple language why this phone is special. The main attraction of the mi 11 ultra dual sim is the huge camera bump. This time the bump has been enlarged in such a way that the whole thing has become a 3D emulate. If you keep a coin of two rupees, it is as high as that level. The reason behind being so high is that it has three huge size cameras inside. And next to the umbrella display. What will happen with this display.

Back Display:

mi 11 ultra review

The work of to be honest is quite limited. Shows notification, custom image and text ad or use this display to take pictures. We tried to make a video with this display. But I did not get that option. One of the useful things was that the message was actually seen. Which is not without phone on. And the matter of receiving a call is the same. Suppose you call from the desk without holding the phone. In fact, you can easily receive a call with TWS and talk very easily. This is the first time I’ve ever seen a phone in my life, and it’s the first time I’ve ever seen a phone in my life. Although it’s China’s new P50 Pro. But it’s a little different when you calculate Google service capable devise.

mi 11 ultra review

There is a 50Mp primary camera, a 48Mp periscope Telephoto and an Ultra-wide lens. This phone has 120X Zooming capability. In front there is best in glass I men almost best in glass 2K emulate screen. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation. With all side carve that I have seen before in Mi 11 HDR 10+ is there to watch the batter media.

Harman kardon dual speaker setup is given above and below. Which is pretty loud. This is the loudest Xiaomi devise we’ve ever used. There is A + spec as hardware. Snapdragon 888 12Gb RAM plus 512Gb build in storage. And speaking of performance so for us using was very fast. The refresh rate of 120Hz and the touch sampling rate of 480Hz is what we have seen in the previous Mi 10. And the total phone is powered up by a 5000mAh battery.

Which can be covered one day. So much has been packed into this 8.5mm phone. This is a supper when calculating spec. No part goes less. International Top Youtuber Even after that I saw such Ultra devise people blabbering on in different places. What is responsible for this gossip here is its lack or its price tag. I personally feel that Xiaomi is involved with the main responsible name for this gossip. You must let us know what you think in the comments box.

Let’s hope this time in the second part of today’s article. In fact, from the beginning we were very interested in this phone. For example, the camera bump with the display of the camera fell. Now with these types of phones, even if you write a very large article, it is not possible to say exactly. so that’s the way we tried to share our experience with the king points. In a very good way.


mi 11 ultra amazon

Let’s talk about the camera at the beginning. But before that there is nothing to talk about its display. This small cute display of 1.1 ins is an emulate display. Which is actually a good quality display. Some basic work can be done in this display. And rarely acts as a view finder. But to be honest, I think the particle life is very limited use. to be limited. There is nothing to expect more. The xiaomi 11 Ultra now has a 50Mp primary sensor. Its model is Samsung G12 sensor. size It is close to 1 ins. Yes, it is a powerful sensor. So it makes a pretty good picture in the usual way.

mi 11 ultra android 12

Anyone who sees the picture of the main camera will be impressed. The picture was details, no type of noice grain. Last year’s Mi 10 Ultra’s performance is almost the same. dynamic range wide enough. Maintaining a good dynamic range all the time. Sometimes exposer related problems were in the picture. This year’s mi 11 ultra dual sim. The color of the picture was quite accurate. Many have run the comparator of Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra with it. Which unfortunately we do not have. Now Google has many types of camera compare with it. Each blog or YouTuber has different results. Different opinions in different contain.

In fact, in some places it seems that image processing is not of ultra level. I mean the hype I was in is not doing men in some places. Something new is actually youtuber with its camera goes crazy like another level of hype. Then when that devise comes in the hands of the customer, the customer says hey, it’s not that good. Earlier, I used to watch Oneplus phone camera international compere video, from time to time Pixel, iPhone, Samsung flagship is falling behind. But when the users got it, they would say why the camera is like that. The xiaomi11 Ultra’s primary camera is defiantly one of the best.

However, our idea is not able to find out the full performance of the new sensor Xiaomi. From this last year’s Mi 10 Ultra was ahead in many respects. Such as shadow area handling. And producing natural color. It had more low tangency of smoothness. However, Xiaomi has given the mi 11 ultra 5g a very good camera. Ultra wide camera 48Mp Sony IMX586 sensor. Everyone says the ultrawide sensor of the largest field of view. Although the details are good, the difference with the main camera is good. And it has the habit of making pictures a little sharper than usual.”Mi 11 Ultra Price ”

mi 11 ultra accessories

The dynamic range of the Ultra Wide camera is almost the same as that of the main camera. Nothing new and to be honest nothing impressive over glow is also here. I hoped for a little better from the camera. When taking pictures in low light, try to take pictures in night mode even during the day. As a result, sometimes good pictures actually expose a lot of pictures. This thing is off after turning off the Enhance image quality option from settings. The Mi 11 Ultra Price segment is a king type camera at night. In case of taking a little slow picture. But this slowness was good. I got all the shoots that night time off.

mi 11 ultra at&t

And for the big sensor e which was pretty impressive. Normally the picture was very bright, very sharp, very detailed and in fact 0% grain. However, sometimes the picture exposes a little extra. Which I hope many will like. However, all in all, this camera will get 10 to 9 if they can refine the camera a little more by doing a little software optimization.


mi 11 ultra amazon india

This time there is no telescop camera like the previous time. So I hope you understand that it makes a portrait using the main camera. So it is better in some cases. Again in some cases sad. The portrait seemed a bit degraded to me. But portrait was good. However, H dictation does not have a natural connotation. Does not smooth the face. However, it brightens the face. The funny thing is that its main camera sensor is so big that if you take a picture from a little closer, the main camera automatically gives a blur defocus type like portrait.

And its periscope camera is the same as the previous Mi 10 Ultra up to 5X optical zoom up to 10X digital zoom. But if it is more than noise and unusable. 120X doesn’t work very well either. Again Samsung keeps the mi 11 ultra 5g locked at a point and does nothing. You can shoot beautiful pictures by zooming 10X or 20X with the periscope camera. However, if you zoom more, the picture will be worse.

Front camera:

Front camera good. not the best one, again not the worst. This camera is average quality. Nothing extra ordinary. Makes good portrait. But the details on the face sometimes keep a little sharp. Again occasionally smooth’s out.


Video can be 8K 24Fps max. And 30Fps and 60Fps in 4K. 8K video was pretty good. same for 4K option. Holds details well. Good stable, good sound quality can match the video. At the same time, switching to a close subject creates a beautiful natural blur. Again, due to the poor processing of the exposer to control the problem a little later. With slow motion at 1080P resolution 1920Fps and 1960Fps. I couldn’t really tell the difference between the two. And these two were a lot in particle. Because most of the time you will use 1920Fps or 1960Fps at any time. You can’t understand that. In short, if you want to know from me what the camera of Mi 11 Ultra Price was like.

So that was our expectation. And that was the reality. Not too much and not equal again. But a little less. Let me tell you some interesting facts. Its camera is so powerful and power hungry that it does not consume heavy battery but drains the direct battery. And at the same time it is so hot that it feels very annoying. The phone does not want to talk for this average when the phone is actually taking pictures. And with that comes performance drop and display dreaming. This is not a problem. This is a new feature. welcome to the feature.


mi 11 ultra available in us

Since it is hot, let’s talk about its performance. It has the king of energy head heat snapdragon 888. With 12Gb LPDDR5 RAM and 512Gb UFS 3.1 storage. performance as accepted. It was pretty good. It was very fast and shapy. We have updated to UI 12.5. Unite us indian unite. The miui experience was not so bad. So far I have not found any such problem. Another thing I noticed is that the software experience is quite good in the flagship Mi phones. That means bug bears are a little rare.


mi 11 ultra buy

This phone is also good enough for gaming. However, I got into trouble during gaming. Not performance related. To be average. I have a problem with the camera bump. In the words of brother, if there is such a big bump on the upper side of the whole. This phone A + at ok gaming. I played Call Of Duty Mobile, PUBG, Apex legends and also a new game that is a little difficult to pronounce. but pushing some call of duty mobile, PUBG’s performance supper. There was no hitting issue in these two games. It went well in max settings. Again supports 90Fps. I did not see any frame drop there. The rest is nothing more to say. But here is the new beta game legent.

We checked our game on the new mi 11 ultra 5g. Although beta, this game can be played in all max settings. There are many problems in beta game. However, there was nothing like that in apex legend and speaking of apex legend, it was good to play. Now I am waiting for the relies. We also played a new game. Again, punishing is something. A beautiful game that is more than 2Gb in size. The graphic was beautiful, the game play was pretty. All goes well with max. At the same time the phone is ringing well. In our testing, this phone was hitting up to about 45c. And this is dispet with side frame. Then the thing comes in hand.


mi 11 ultra battery

The large chamber upstairs was working well. Which I noticed. They were cool down after gaming. And after gaming on this phone also screen dream phone. I was not surprised to say what else. display is a very unique part of this phone. This is a Samsung made display. In some ways it looks better than Samsung phones. Mi 11Ultra’s display 6.81 ins’s 2K emulate display. HDR 10+ supported 1B color with 10Bit color depth and bazel look like complete Mi 11.

So what’s new? The new is 1700 nits pick brightness adaptive refresh rate. Bought bright in indoor and outdoor section. What else manually pushes up to 900 nits. The sharpness color of the display could just be a little clearer in the black area in just A + HDR contain. more over This is not the best but one of the best display phone. In our use. The contain experience was pretty good. I saw almost 1 buchman with it on Netflix in full HD.

It is louder than the Mi 11 given the dual Harmon cand’s speaker next to it. The sound was distorted though loud. I think the speaker tie of Mi 11 is a little more ampere. A little more batter tune was needed.


It has a 5000mAh battery to power up so much. I got 5 hours plus battery backup from it by pushing it heavily. In which there was camera use, gaming, typing and display resolution was set to 2K. If you reduce the resolution, you can get more battery backup like 1 hour in heavy use. I can’t find anything to complain about here. However, not completely satisfied. This phone supports 65w ward charge and warless charge. But the 55w charger given in the box of Indian unite. However 65w warless charging is impressive. The charge speed was good with the 55w adapter in the box. It took about 45 minutes to be fully charged. The charging speed of 65 will be reduced in a few more minutes.

Build Quality and Look:

mi 11 ultra buy usa

mi 11 ultra global rom is a hiuse glass made of aluminum and ceramic. There is ceramic behind it and as our past experience this ceramic causes many problems. Brother after lots of fingerprints. Good luck this unite t white. So not many fingerprints were visible. In front is the tafest glass gorilla glass victus. And there is a ceramic panel on the back. Listening to ceramic, it seems that not a single glass of glass or ceramic glass has survived. Everything is broken. The Mi 11 Ultrea weighs 234g more than it does for the thickness.  So I’m wondering how many people could be injured if this phone falls on someone’s face. But even more of a problem seems to be the huge bumps in the huge bumps. This may sound beautiful to many. We also looked at the picture.

But with hope in my hand, I saw that if you hold the phone horizontally, there is a problem. Need to read more Xiaomi. We also like the total design. Not bad. Ip rating and there was this was a rough situation. Except for the Mi 11, everything is close to the same. So now read some more point bulbs with a little attention. Like fingerprint Mi 11 is fast enough. There is also a hand rate fingerprint sensor in the build. Except for the back, the design of the visual is almost the same as the Mi 11. Although who knows why it is so strange on the upper side. IRE has bluster.

IP68 water regestent This phone. What else is this? I don’t see anything else. So this was the state of the thick mi 11 ultra global rom. One party is already ordering here and another party has started an already movement as to why they will buy Xiaomi phone at such a high price. Its 12 / 256Gb variant is Mi 11 Ultra Price at RS 70K in India usa Mi 11 Ultra Price  $ . The mi 11 ultra global rom’s display is the most impressive. And the camera is much better. But the problem was that watching the video on youtube, the expectation with the camera increased a lot. In fact, after getting the phone in hand, the results looked a little different. as like me another Ratanuzzaman Ripon.  It is a different matter who will take and who will not. Those who buy will buy anyway.

Although the quantity will be less than the number of customers. However, if you want to buy the phone, then tell us in the comments box why you want to buy this phone exjectly. We will hopefully see what you want. So anyway, like today, it will be seen again in another article. Until then, everyone will be fine, healthy. Allah Hafiz


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