Oneplus 9 Full Review

Oneplus 9 Full Review 2021 Worth the Hasselblad Hype

Oneplus 9 Full Review 2021 Worth the Hasselblad Hype

Assalamalaikum, Redeay People. I’m Ratanuzzaman Ripon. Today we have 10.  Oneplus 9 means 10 so no. In fact, I will discuss from the review. Oneplus 9‘s recent user experience and the main thing is Hasselblad. That will be discussed. Poor Oneplus hype everyone from phones to Hasselblad. Everyone is upset to hear Hasselblad. Again, there is a lot of debate in the group about the camera of OnePlus 9 specs and  9 Pro.
Oneplus 9 Full Review
So let’s go straight to Hasselblad’s story. And you are with the Redeay team. Today talk Oneplus 9 Full Review Talking about Hasselblad, now I am asking who this Hasselblad is? Victor Hasselblad is a Swedish inventor. Hasselblad camera company founded in 1841. Those who make different cameras starting from midrange. The first photo taken in moon in collaboration with NASA was taken by Neil Amstrom. That too but taken with silver Hasselblad data camera.
Oneplus 9 Full Review
And Hasselblad is a very expensive company. Even their customers are almost professional photographers. Their X series and H series cameras are quite popular.

Oneplus 9 Full Review

This is not the first time Hasselblad has collaborated with a smartphone. Earlier in 2016, Motorola G made a camera module. It had a zoom camera and a very good flop.
The question may arise as to what is the story of this Hasselblad and Oneplus. So now many people think that the camera of Oneplus 9 series is Hasselblad but in fact it is not the case. For example, companies like look who provide lenses to other smartphone companies, as Sony lens provides or creates and celebrates color. Hasselblad has just provided a color celebration to Oneplus. Which they named HNCS. Again, they also make a camera for their coloration partner. Such as DJI. Our reviewed DJI magic 2 Pro camera was the Hasselblad L1D20E camera. In a three-year partnership between Oneplus and Hasselblad, Hasselblad will provide oneplus with only sensor celebration and Hasselblad natural color solution.


Oneplus 9 Full Review
The Oneplus 8 Pro has a custom Sony IMX689 48Mp sensor as the internal camera sensor. And Ultra Wide sensor is offered as Sony IMX766 sensor. Which is also given on Oneplus 9 Pro. Which is a sensor of 1 / 1.56 or 0.64Ins. Comes with 1 micro size pixel. So let’s not call Hasselblad Hassel Bull. Oneplus but in their present I have said what kind of partnership or collaboration with Hasselblad and what exactly will Hasselblad provide to Oneplus. so to blame Hasselblad here would be useless.
What’s the sutter sound? Of Hasselblad. What is the icon of Pro mode is also Hasselblad. And the main thing that I like about this main camera and Ultra wide camera is that their color producing is almost the same color. Day and night with almost the same color in almost all places. So good job Hasselblad. But not you Oneplus. The picture of the main camera is finally better than the previous Oneplus. And if you look at the pictures and think that there is a problem in the picture or the problem of your phone. I mean, why does it look yellow?
Oneplus 9 Full Review 2021
Because this is Hasselblad natural solution or HNCS. Hasselblad’s medium range camera takes such color pictures. Which has an astatic vive. This means that a filter is running all the time. I honestly didn’t feel bad. Because I try to bring almost that ton after taking pictures. Which many people like. Again, many may not like it. so far picture quality good. Although the green tends to turn a little yellow. Makes pictures a little contrasty. Which doesn’t look bad. That means such contrasty things go with ton. Doesn’t feel too bad. Everything is the work of HNCS. The dynamic range is better.
However, to be accurate, it goes to Hasselblad. There was no over exposing. The high light areas were fine, did not expose. The details in the picture were good. Didn’t feel bad. However, if you zoom in a little farther, you will see that distant things are a little smoother. With up to corner areas. And I saw that the main camera has to focus with a little effort. Especially after the problem of focusing on low light or close subject. Oneplus should be fixed emaditly.

Oneplus 9 Full Review 2021

Another thing that is very important to fix Oneplus which is Sutter slow and processing slow. Sometimes it takes time to capture after taking a picture. And for late processing, it is captured a little late in the gallery. You took the picture, you saw the animation taking the picture. But why is the picture in the gallery? Another thing is that after taking pictures for a while, a hitting warning comes. Then the brightness decreases. The temperature goes down, that’s good.

Oneplus 9 Full Review 2021

Come to Ultra Wide. This time it’s boss level. Because it has a 50Mp Ultra-wide sensor. All my life where ultra-wide sensors have come a hype. There Oneplus Ultra-wide sensor  gave a king level power. But what is the result? The results were actually better than I expected from the 50Mp sensor. Usually better than all the ultra-wide cameras we see. But I had high hopes. There is nothing new to say about color. Because the color is the same. Feels a little saturated though from the main camera but not over saturated.
Although the grain at the corner was light here. Just like the main camera. There is nothing special to say. Two cameras at night take very good pictures. But here’s the thing. Ultra-wide camera becomes a little dal at night. Performs a little weaker. The amount of grain increases. However, taking pictures in night mode is a little better in ultra-wide. However, the main camera does not change much. The picture looks a bit smooth at night which is the last processing problem. Oneplus could fix this thing if it wanted to. Everything from the human face can be smoothed out a bit. Which I hope Oneplus will fix. That they are more serious about the camera this time.

Oneplus 9

I’m a little disappointed when it comes to portrait. If you take a picture with the main camera, it does a little more processing. Too much over unnatural. H diction is a little troublesome. For example, I could not properly detect the hair areas. And weirdly masking and sharping. This poison is a bit depressing. But its boke level is good. No complain was supposed to be a little natural.Oneplus 9 Full Review

Oneplus 9

Front Camera:

Oneplus 9

The 60Mp camera on the front is not bad. Doesn’t make bad jokes. Like the main camera here. The picture taken at the front is not bad, the same type of colors. Same type contrast, same type portrait. With the tendency to smooth the face.Oneplus 9 Full Review
It has 8K 30Fps max shoot option for video. With which 5 munities can be shot in a row. What else to limit for hitting. Although there are more options to shoot at 4K 60Fps and 30Fps. Keep in mind this Oneplus 9 doesn’t have any OIS, that’s very bad Oneplus. stability okey level. However, more can be expected than the price. And Hasselblad’s color calibration touches can be found here. The video looks a little sharper for some reason. Which seems a bit strange. And if you want to make a video in low light in the grain comes.
I did not see any other problem. You can do slow motion at 1080p 24Fps which is nothing new. I mean, overall the camera didn’t look bad. Better than before. But the hype they have created seems to be a little over hype. And this color ton car or sensor calibration is currently done by the maximum company themselves. This is not to say that it is just a Hasselblad, but that it is a boss level camera. Oneplus could handle all this on its own. Hasselblad’s aesthetic color ton may look good to many. Again, many may not like it.
Well, the funny thing is now I will show you some side by side picture. Some pictures will be taken from Oneplus 9 and some pictures will be taken from another flagship phone and which of a and b do you like best. I talked a little more about the camera because this camera was the new attraction of the year.
Blind Test
However, although there is no new attraction in the display department, there are some changes from the previous time. Finally Oneplus 9 has no flecking issue or no color tense issue. Which we have seen for a long time. So good job Oneplus in front of this 6.55 ins full HD panel is a very nice display with a little warmed type color a little freed. But if you select P3 from the color calibration option, you can get a thicker display color. Sharpness is good but over sharp looks light. And brightness is better in indoor. Even auto brightness works very well.
But it looked a little less outdoor. 1100pic brightness is also true. I didn’t really understand if the pic brightness was triggering. This was the galai with display. And everything else is the same as before. 120Hz refresh rate display. And the touch response was all like a knife-wielding experience in butter. I mean everything was so smooth. However, it is true that the display of its big brother Oneplus 9 Pro is a little better than its display. Because it is an anti poured display. And there is widevane L1 for HD video streaming.
There are more stereo speakers, I don’t see anything new to say. Loud is good, sound quality is also good. Only the problem becomes distorted at full sound. And the sound balance of the two speakers. The upper one is less audible and the lower one is more audible. But overall was ok. It can be expected to be better than the price.
There is no such thing as an oxygen OS. Because everyone knows about its UI. Oneplus 9 is running on Android 11 based Oxygen OS 11. In the beginning there was an update with which we started using. I hear it in many places in many groups, even our Himu who is also an oneplus Nord user, sometimes he used to say that he has this bug. This happened even after giving the update. I haven’t faced any such problem since Oneplus 9. However, the bug does not come at the beginning of the bear, brother. Which is actually more annoying than fear. Now let’s see what happens to it. Oxygen OS 11 is almost the same as before. However, there has been some UI change. I personally like the UI. Which is the gorgeous thing in simple wine.Oneplus 9 Full Review

Snapdragon 888

who is giving Oxygen to this gorgeous Oxygen UI? Inside is a chipset called Snapdragon 888. I hope everyone knows about snapdragon 888. Even build it on a 5nm erke tack. It has a 2.4GHz KYRO 680 supper core. Three 2.42GHz KYRO 680 performance cores. And four 1.8GHz KYRO 680 power saving cores. GPU with Adriano 660. And everyone may have seen that this new chipset is not able to perform a very stable performance. We ourselves use a lot of phones which we understand is the prime core is a little more powerful. Due to which more hits are being generated. Due to which the performance drop. I did a strange test, although it performed well on 100% battery with good GIPS.
But if you put it in more storage, the performance drops. If you look at the second round, you will understand that it has gone down by 20%. I mean, not bad. And not exactly what I expected. Although daily life use such as social media use or all the work that I do daily was going well. However, the phone hit was also a big. There is no problem that is obvious. I saw gig banc marking  and other banc. Good score, but one thing’s RAM management is not very good. . Occasionally APP was crushing. Sometimes the recent apps are being reloaded anew. Despite having LPDDR5 RAM it is really frustrating to me.

Snapdragon 888

As gaming goes on. Running PUBG medium well, I was getting experience like 40Fps plus in Ultra HD. The graphic quality was also good. The same is true of Call Of Duty Mobile, but also of Jansing Empact max series. Although the phone is hit by dropping the frame. 42 to 43 rice up. Although less than the previous Rog phone and MI 11. This phone is doing very well in 10-15 munities gaming by maxing everything. The graphic particle was good but the motion park was a bit less. Which means it’s about to be the most delusional time of the year, as well. One-on-one performance. In short, the performance of the flagship level so you do not have to worry about gaming. Get A + quality supper good performance. But the sudden heat of the snapdragon 888 chipset is something I have seen on a regular basis. And next to it, the hit distribution of this phone was also good. The thick fat was quickly getting cold. But the phone was getting thicker and thicker. Now you may feel dizzy even after gaming by shaking your head.
If you are not happy with the 4500mAh battery inside the battery backup like 6 Hours. We got screen on time like 7 hours. We listened to music, watched YouTube and did light gaming. I took pictures outside. I mean, what else can be used in a normal way. With occasional phone data was on. So after using this way, I got another screen on time like 6 hours 30 munities. Which didn’t feel bad. One day did not go, although at the end of the day to charge. And thanks to the 65W warp charger with dual spelled, it took about 35 munities to 37 munities to charge it to be fully charged. And charge is not a form. Speaking of bad, I didn’t get much.
Hand Fell:


So let’s talk about my favorite thing. With build quality and hand fell. I will not say its look is bad or hand fell bad. Hand fell was quite good which I will talk about a little later. Its design could have been made more unique as it came. Another thing that looks bad. Then its side frame is plastic. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation. I mean why plastic on such an expensive phone. Gorilla glass 5 in the front and maybe in the back. So proctors must be used. And the hand fell was a very good way to have a good carve. Very nice hand fell compact structure with thickness and not too much.
The weight is not too heavy. Again, not less. Although I was getting some weight on the top side. But all of this combined handfell’s haptic feedback. It looks very beautiful, very premium, although with brightness and volume slider, if you do more or less loudly, you will see that it is a little slow. This means side with which the haptic feedback does not match. Hopefully it can be fixed through software update. Another thing I didn’t like. That is, the button position is just right, but more shoft a little tag tag fell, it would have been a little better. Because when you press the power button, it means that the screen shot was going up after clicking on the volume button on the wrong side. After saying all this, let’s talk about the summary.
  1. I expected a lot of good hand fell and a little better build quality.
  2. Fingerprint is good but position is a little lower.
  3. Very good haptic feedback but not 100% perfect.
  4. Good camera in the beautiful.
  5. There is nothing to say about performance. This is the big thing that it was not getting hot.
  6. Call quality is good. It sounded good. Even at the other end it was good to hear. Although the network seemed strange. I was getting a little less network indoor.
Note: Although there are more 5G bands in global or chines variant, there are only two 5G bands in Indian.
Indian Vs Global :
This is actually an issue for the future. For example, when I bought Indian, I saw that two bands were given. And there is no 5G band in your country. Another thing is this phone supports 15W warless charge. But the Indian variant does not have the benefit of warless charging. Another thing to keep in mind is that the Oneplus 9 is the only tenable variant of the IP68 water registrant. So the models of our country cannot be submerged in water. Because it is not an IP68 water registrant.
Blind Test Result:
Waited a long time, this time who was in this blind test. Let us know in the comments what your idea was. The 2nd phone was the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. There is a lot of difference in price. So I did not go to compression with that. You see, consider justice. However, keep in mind the price. ok before concluding Understand Hasselblad. Oneplus 9 is priced at $ 729.
There is no Oneplus flagship killer brand. They are now the co-flagship brand. At the same time they have fixed a lot more than before. So they will be applauded for that. Although many fixes are still needed to maintain the flagship standard. Oneplus 9 didn’t disappoint me much. However, some users have to face 5G related problems. This is frustrating. Is the phone worth buying? Well not bad. Oneplus may not be one of the best in all respects. But it may still be a better choice for many. So go for that. The price is a bit high. It will be a good deal to reduce the price. So I discussed everything.Its Oneplus 9 Full Review.
If all that discussion seems to be your priority list then you can take it. And in front, but the full review of Oneplus 9 Pro has come. So far as today. See you again in a new article. Until then, everyone will be fine, healthy, Allah Hafiz.

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