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Realme gt master edition review best midrange 5G mobile 2021

Realme GT Master Edition Review Best Midrange 5G Mobile 2021 

realme gt master edition price
Realme gt master
Assalamalaikum, Ratanuzzaman Ripon on behalf of the Redeay Team

I have with me today the market realm product Realme GT Master Edition 5G. Realme GT Master Edition Global I have 3 weak. As a running Realme user, it was relatively easy for me to review the phone. Experience as a user. They are focusing on exploring traveling with this series. I have also given tours to different places with this phone. So I have come up with an article about Realme GT Master Edition 5G. Since the late review, you may have learned a lot about this. So I will try not to win in any specific format. In frank language to evaluate in a deferent way like me. All in all, I will share the good and bad or user opinions of this phone with you in my language. And I will tell you who is suitable for it.

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First of all, let’s start with the color of their signature design. It looks very unique. On the other hand, it is nice to see deep blue. But nothing special. Its back part is plastic. Used vaguer leader in voicer gray color. Differently gives 10 different falls from the frame. A little standard in hand. But at the end of the day, like me and the people around me, the thing about the design is that it doesn’t take as much premium as it can be seen in a premium picture or video. And many people around me who were looking at the phone in their hands said it was better quality plastic.

realme gt master edition price

Yet it gives a sense of quality. The grap in the hand is good and new things are always welcome to me without increasing the price. There is nothing wrong with the build quality. A phone with a sleek build should have been a little better. Two things are very important personally. There is a good enough score in the Realme GT Master Edition Review body is a good thing is a 3.5 mm earphone pot.

realme gt master edition 5G price

On the other hand, the bad thing is that the micro-sd card slot has no place. No IP rating, single firing speaker. I don’t have a problem with the slot of the micro sd card. Because I do not use a micro sd card.

realme gt master edition 5G price

But there are many problems. If we talk about IP rating, then the price would have increased a lot if it had given an IP rating. Of course, it is better to give an IP rating but if the price goes up it is a problem. All in all, it is better not to throw it in the category of bad and of course, the bot firing a loudspeaker is not bad. Produces good sound. It seems that there is a balance of sound quality of average loudness and okay level, but now it is said that users of all levels need to give stereo speaker setup to their phone. So my point is that those are the price of a midrange plus when a device. It should be given a stereo experience using the earpiece that is at the last front. This is the demand of fat people.


realme gt master edition specs

Then come to the display. 1080P full HD resolution Supper Emulate panel, Higher refresh rate, Widevine L1 certified. It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring. Yes, I got a really good experience from the display. color vivid, contain watching experience was good. 120Hz refresh rate and 360Hz touch sampling rate further boost supper emulate the experience. Its maximum brightness goes up to 1000 nits. There is not much problem in operating display in direct sunlight. There is always on display, there is future-like age lighting.

The in-display fingerprint is fast and smooth enough. There is no place to complain, both spec and user experience. However, there is a problem. This is that in the case of display, there is no info of display protector glass. At last corning gorilla glass has no good prostate on. So at this price when no display protection is available. So it’s a little painful. Let me know about another issue that we have found. Thus the higher refresh rate while scrolling is working very well. Very smooth touch experience.

There are 3 modes.

fixed 60 Hz mode, then auto mode. Where will you decide how much to keep according to the app? And will shift as desired to save battery. And the latest high option mode, which will give a refresh rate of around 120Hz as long as you keep touching the screen even in the highest refresh rate mode. Excludes touching at 60Hz. On the one hand, it is saving a good battery and gives a higher refresh rate when needed. But what else is a bit strange. I didn’t get the fixed higher refresh rate mode in reality. It works like auto mode.


realme gt master edition specs

After that, I will talk about the camera. Realme GT Master Edition Review body design and display performance. Everything great value for money. And so in all other cases. I have a slightly different opinion in this case. Which is what I was saying at the beginning. We all gave a huge tore together. And with the Realme GT Master Edition Review. I have taken a lot of pictures, all around, beautiful senary, beautiful illuminated environment, all the pictures are supposed to be good.

realme gt master edition review

The back camera image has details of an average little okay level. Cool ton’s picture makes color natural or boosted color. Lots of pos processing, pairing pos processing, and trying to give a good picture. All of these can be avoided and sometimes good enough pictures are available. However, the exposure balance is quite weak which mainly suffers. I explain the matter of a great camera a little more openly.

realme gt master edition review

Realme GT Master Edition‘s spec that its performance its display specs its pricing all this if you see the market official its look good to be true. But if you look at the value for money phones have cost-cutting. In this case, cost-cutting has been done on the camera. If the camera was good like this then it would be set up and take my money give device. Nobody thinks camera performance is like throwing it away. For those who need a camera, every phone is just a kind of perfect device Realme. However, at this price, customers must get a better camera on their smartphones. Well, come back to the camera. The part of the primary camera. The performance of 8Mp ultrawide and 2Mp macro is not convenient. It is better not to talk about them. However, they have added a better street photography mode. Sounds interesting.


Realme website showing in video section has 4K 60Fps option but our review is not working in unite. There is EIS up to 30Fps, it works at a very thick level. The details in the video are not very good. The lens can be shifted during video recording.

Front Camera:

realme gt master edition amazon

However, you can not go to the front camera. On the other hand, the front camera has a 32Mp camera. The front camera video has stabilization. Nice to meet you. The selfies come with enough details. However, it makes the face smooth. What else does a little makeup do? Selfie is not supposed to look bad. Not just natural-looking.


realme gt master edition amazon

Let’s go to the hardware and security section. In the hardware section, the Snapdragon 778G chipset is offered which is the highest performance chipset among the midrange devices in a thick form. 8Gb LPDDR4X RAM and 128Gb storage provided. The storage type is UFS 2.2 which is a little disappointing. 3.0 is a good match. The performance was very top. app opening-closing scrolling touch smoothness I had a vibe of kind of one plus phone while using it. There is a GT mode in the notification panel. Enabling it gives a vibration. And everything else becomes smooth. The phone must be in a very good position towards performance.


PUBG mobile has a 60Fps option in performance gaming and you will get graphics. The gameplay experience was good except for the short stating which works in a beautiful way. In most cases, the device had to beat 50 plus Fps. For those who do gaming can be a nice choice as an official device. But keep in mind that playing a game is a big hit. The hit is in hand but thermal throttling is not the issue. And the chipset is new. Need for more optimization. However, in terms of performance, I will choose the Snapdragon 778G chipset.


After that, I have a little mixed reaction about the battery. What does it look like if a 120Hz refresh rate phone with a 4300mAh battery? At last 4500mAh or 4700mAh should have been given. So if you use it for battery backup, then battery backup comes like 5 Hours. If you use mobile data, put it on a 4G network as it is a 5G phone. Many people find it difficult to run all day. However, the thing is that with the charger given in the box, the phone becomes a full charge for 40 minutes. Those who use the phone more, if they can arrange a charge of 15-20 munites in a day, then don’t worry.

Bonus information:

realme gt master edition all colours

So, after saying all the thick and thick, I will give you some bonus information on the subject of the phone. All the necessary sensors were present in the Realme GT Master Edition Global. Again the phone is WIFI 6 supported. As soon as I saw the WIFI reception speed is very good. The vibration motor of the phone is good, the feedback is good during typing. After that, this devise is offering Bluetooth 5.2, NFC, and a wide range of 5G. So this was all about Realme GT Master Edition Review. The phone has launched $ 369. So, according to pricing, everyone knows that it is a very good one and the launch is that people have bought it in a very good way by looking at its spec. The similar has largely deleted everything it says in the spec. I have no qualms about this.

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But I got the problem in its camera section durable eTi. It does not have a micro-sd card slot, it does not have a display protector. And what else is this single-firing loudspeaker? There is no deal-breaking problem. Accept the camera part. Although value for money users never get a good camera. They think it is better to give a discount on the camera than to give a discount on the field of performance.

So in my opinion, it is better to twike in the field of the camera with this kind of strong performance device. As soon as I saw G-came 8.2 it supports well and gives good results. So those who have bought already use G-came and those who will buy and then use G-came. And the rest of those who need a camera more camera-centric devise. The reality is that officially those who do not see the value for money spec usually give a better camera.

So today I am pulling the screen here in the next article will be seen inshallah. And how did you like the article and what is your opinion about Realme GT Master Edition USA, you must let us know in the comments section. Everyone will be healthy and well, Allah Hafiz

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