Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 Review and user opinion 2021 Flagship Phone

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 Review and user opinion 2021 Flagship Phone

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 Review

Assalamalaikum, Redeay people. What is Galaxy Z Flip 3? I hope many do not know this. A few days ago, the impression article of Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Galaxy Z Fold 3 was uploaded on our site. But the truth is that many people are not clear about the idea of ​​this foldable devise. The truth is that this is a devise that will bring you as the focal point of attraction. Just for this folded display. And the main reason to get this attention is that you can fold the display right in front. Getting started with this flexible Gorgeous looking Foldable phone review. Which is lower in price than the previous Z Flip but means quite good. And with that I’m Ratanuzzaman Ripon. Let’s do some Flexible. You are with Redeay team.

Thank you in the beginning for sending us such a beautiful devise of Samsung. And as always, they did not give the box. Just handed over the phone. This Galaxy Z Flip 3 has come in three colors in our country. A phantom black, list favorite color, this time phantom black is followed by green and at the end of all this beautiful cream color. The dual ton dual color looks a bit like a panda panda. Doesn’t look pretty cute. This time the base variant of Galaxy Z Flip 3 starts from 8/128. Samsung has done a pretty good job of it.

Although Samsung has brought only 8 / 256Gb variant in the market. And already the pree order of Galaxy Z Flip 3 for Galaxy Fold 3 has started. So I’m not saying the price of this phone right now. Wait a minute, I’ll tell you slowly. But I can say that this phone is much more affordable than the previous Flip series. Well weight this phone is not affordable in any way. This means that the price of the foldable devise is lower than all the others in the market.

Body & Looking:

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 Review

Samsung has reduced the price of the Galaxy Z Flip 3 from the previous Z Flip. At the same time, they did not make any sacrifice. Rather this time Z Flip 3  Review is quite refined. The cover display has finally grown from six to six. The body has changed for the better. They have been able to give quite sharp looking. The previous Z Flip was a little roundish.

Compared to that, this time Z Flip 3 is nice. Along with being beautiful to look at, Samsung also said to build this time on Z Flip 3 armed aluminum. And also corning gorilla glass protected by victus. But everyone’s attention has gone to IPX8 water regentent. Samsung did not prove the dust even though the phone proved to be water. Several meetings have been held in different parts of the world. But wait to know why they did so at the second end of this article. we will tell you how much performance in Flax. And what is inside is not less.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 price Philippines

Full HD 6.7 ins flexible dynamic emulate 2X display. For the first time, the phone with the official Snapdragon 888 chipset from Samsung. This means that this is the first Snapdragon 888 in the country market. Quite a good thing. But there is nothing to be happy about. In fact, the short age of the chipset is going on all over the world. Once this is fixed, I hope Samsung will bring the Exynos chipset phone again. Samsung has not made any changes in the battery of the camera, although there is a slight change in all the places. The 3300mAh battery in place of the battery. And the camera setup is exactly the same as that Z Flip.

Yet the result is its price. Samsung has kept the price of Z Flip 3 at $ 999 whereas the previous Z Flip price was . Huge price change. However, there are some facilities to pre-order. Pre-order Galaxy Z Flip 3 or Z Fold 3 $1799 discount. This means that the original price of the phone has come down a lot more. For more details, visit . Where you will get all the information of pree order section. So this is basically the Z Flip 3  Review tropical devise a flagship. But at different front factor.

Those who know Z Flip 3 you know what is this. Now let’s talk about how our experience was with this Z Flip. In a word, I have fallen in love with this devise. I have even thought of buying this phone myself. This means that you have been eating rice all day long since you suddenly got an option to eat biryani. Then you will have a different level of crazy work. This Z Flip is a lot like this. When using tripical, a foldable devise, wow, awesome one of this type falls. When I shifted to Z Flip 3 after using tripical phone, it was like a lot of refreshment for me. A cute looking phone. Which includes a lot of a flagship.

When people hold this phone in their hands, almost everyone looks at this phone. And why or not. This is an uncommon front factore phone. Today I am using Z Flip 3 almost like 3 weak. The previous Z Flip means that the frist model has not been used much. However, the instant change that can be seen is the hinge of the look. The hinge is much better than before. The hinge can stay in all conditions from the very end until it is folded. Quite smooth and made from the previous bar. Again, the space that used to be empty in Z Flip is not very much in Z Flip 3. When folded, the phone sits on it very nicely. That means in the whole fist. Do not sit with a lot of space in the pocket.

However, when I took it out of my pocket, I would get confused from time to time due to its small size. I don’t know how you like it but I find it very confusing. And still everything is fine. Such as port, Button, dual speaker, button position is actually right. For example, if you hold it in unfolded condition, the power button looks fine, but the volume button is a little higher. It would have been better if I could have given it on the side. But when you fold it, the button position but all right on one side.

Stays on the same side. However, the personal opinion is that it would be better if it was in the opposite. Again fingerprint but with power button to build in. Which is pretty fast. If you swip up or swip down on the power button, it goes up and down in quick settings. Big phone so Samsung has implemented this thing in this Z Flip 3 too. Which I also saw on my Samsung S 10E. The problem is that it’s a little more sensitive. So sometimes I was responding to a little touch.

Than speaker which is dual speaker. Which is a pretty good setup. Very good sound, very good loud, beautifully produces sound. The sound quality was also quite good. But the funny thing is that after so many things this phone is but IPX8 water regentent. But do not prove dust. As soon as the dust enters, there is a debate going on on the internet about this till now. However, ifixit famous for repair with popular channel in this Z Flip 3 video showed that the water in the Z Flip 3 goes up to the bottom of the thick display. This is a save place. But below that means silding the equipment under the hinge. We did not dive into the water for fear of this Flip 3. However, after so many days of use, I realized that there is not much tension with dust. Z Flip 3  Review


Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 price Philippines

This time I will talk about the main display. Before that let’s talk about cover display. The display size of that small 1 ins has now been updated. At 1.9 ins. Although reduced regulation. But this time Samsung has finally been able to give a working display on the cover display. You can take pictures, change videos, change songs or wizerd something. Can also be seen in the notification. Even a call can actually be received and received. However, I have read the problem. Sometimes when I went to take the phone out of my pocket, I accidentally received the phone or cut off the phone. I mean before I ask or not. It’s gotten fatter to me. Than slowly it took time to be use too. However, to be honest, this display of Flip is very limited. Some useful wizers can be run.

If you want to change the element again or reduce the wizers can be kept in the cover display. But I think it would have been better to have some customizable wizards or 3rd party wizers. There are also more pre-built cover faces. Which are pretty thick to look at. This was the cover display. Nothing fancy, nothing special but if you keep using it by hand, and if you get used to using it. Then you don’t want to lose your mind from this display.

Main Display:

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 specs

If you look at the main display, you will not feel any change. This is not the S21 Ultra level display. But much better than the last Z Flip. Dynamic emulate 2X Full HD + with the same weird expect ratio of 20: 9 as before. Panel quality good. Quite a nice panel. With this display bright. Although the phone is hit in out door use. Then the brightness decreases. A lot of display dreams that someone says. And without this display but 120Hz refresh rate supported. We did not find any dro back or frame drop of 120Hz refresh rate while using. The experience of 120Hz refresh rate was good enough. Very smooth and sharp. The experience of the emulate panel was 8,10 hours according to the Samsung emulate panel.  Quite vived and quite colorful but everyone’s tension comes.

Display User Experience:

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 specs

This phone is known to many people who have an idea about China or Galaxy Flip series. Everyone agrees whether there is a fold or crease in the middle of the fold. This time it is here and I believe it may be in the case of the next Flip series. Because you really need this crease to fold. Currently this device works that way. In that case there must be this fold to fold. However, when we used it with our hands, we all felt that it was not very noticeable. While scrolling, I fell like riding a bike on a slightly broken road. But this time it became a habit. When folding again, you can be frightened by the white light. But this is actually the reflexion of folding light. Samsung has used foldable glass this time and according to their commentary one of the top.

In our use, there are light thin spots on the display. And another thing many people say is that it takes a much bigger phone to unfold. What can I say now? This is a 20: 9 ratio phone. So the phone will look a little longer than usual. The good side of this weird ratio phone is the weight. And the total phone weight across the large areia. So have a lot of fun holding hands. But if you zoom in on youtube or maximum distial contain of 16: 9, you can see that it is quite a bit cut. And this is a down side. Not just hinge’s display.


Galaxy Z Flip 3 gsmarena

This Z Flip 3 was also impressive in terms of performance. Now it has the usual powerful chipset Snapdragon 888. I was able to handle any task of daily life quite well. Again Z Flip 3 is running at 1UI 3.1.1. The result was unacceptable and I was quite satisfied with its performance and stability. The phone is a bit hot at the out door and in the weak network. But even after that, this phone has not struggled in performance. Again 8Gb RAM 256Gb storage max variant since it is so RAM management was also quite good.


Galaxy Z Flip 3 gsmarena

Speaking of gaming, we have several games such as PUBG, Call Of Duty Mobile. All the games are going well in max settings. But gaming on this phone is not an ideal. On top of that I don’t think those who buy Flip 3 will do much gaming with this phone. That’s how gaming is a bit of a hit. Moreover, there is nothing more to say. With this phone. Z Flip 3 Review


Samsung Z Flip 3 5G

Remaining camera and battery. There is nothing new to say about these two things. Just like the previous flip. In these two places. I went out with Z Flip 3 5G. I was always on top of taking pictures. The average shoot is available during the day with the main 12Mp camera. Image quality sharpness and details were not bad for outdoor photo. The color of the photo is saturated anyway. After taking it again, it is processed and saturated a bit more. This thing is more popular. Because image instant is available to upload direct image to social media. However, on a cloudy day, I know the condition a little. Occasionally captures good images. Again many times I know how the picture looks bad.

The process plays a major role in all Samsung phones. There was a lot of trouble in the area of ​​high light for the hit and met section in this Z Flip 3  Review. Ultrawide camera is not as sharp as a good main camera. However, the result will be closer. Here too the main camera takes a lot of pictures. Again, sometimes it feels like a fed effect at a little corner. Z Flip 3 Review

However, the picture is quite good. Couldn’t be a fan too much. But it has another use. That is to take a selfie with its cover display. You can make video or take pictures with cover display. Although this is a square shape when taking pictures here. For that reason, even if you can capture a good shoot with the main camera, the picture seems to be very close. The ultra wide camera is very helpful in this case. It has a very wide field of view.

Samsung Z Flip 3 5G

And taking pictures with a cover display is really a very interesting thing. Although there is a 10Mp camera in the display when unfoldable. But the front camera could not impress me much from the ultrawide camera. The camera is a lot like Samsung’s flagship killer phone. But with the cover display on the back camera, it seemed more handy to me to take a selfie. Speaking of portrait, portrait was descent. The front and back two cameras make portraits of the same type. However, H diction is a little problematic, especially in the case of hair. Also so for so good. One thing I noticed is that when taking a portrait, the high light areas light up a little more. Which needs fix.

Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G review

The main camera and ultrawide camera at night create some frustration. And the main reason for that is slow processing. Almost all of Samsung’s phones take pictures with seen optimization. So it helps a lot in low light. But at night this thing processes the picture for so long that it becomes a bit shaky. Even after it is seen optimization of. Even so, if you take a little hard picture, you will get a good picture. Beautiful light enters the picture. Although there is some grain in the corner. But a lot of pictures are usable.


Video can be played on Max 4K 60Fps main camera. And when the light diminishes, the grain grows with it. There is OIS, but the video was not very stable. Although our engineer unite. I hope retail unite will not have this problem. The front and back camera can be switched on while the video is playing. If you want, you can make video like cam camera. In short, I will say that this tie is a beautiful and simple camera setup. Just a good camera sensor and a little better optimization would have made the game better.


However, the game has completely turned the battery backup. Because that was a completely confusing level thing. For example, one day I went to bed early in the morning with full charge, mobile data, Bluetooth and GPS were on. And with 120Hz refresh rate on. Phone charge 16% from the end of the afternoon. It’s like putting your hand on your head. And on that day the screen on time was a little more than 3 hours. This is often the case for network issues. Z Flip 3  Review

It can be seen that there is quite a battery drain. At the same time the phone is quite hot. 1 day will go to general use in stable condition. with more than 4 hours battery backup. Speaking of backup here, I actually got a lot less backup. Again 3300mAh battery charge took quite some time. Since we didn’t have Samsung’s charger. So with any 30W charger it would take around 1.5 hours to be fully charged. Which is actually a little more time.  Z Flip 3  Review

Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G review

My Opinion:

Well, after all, I will talk about its conclusion and details. This phone is very lucky because people were just looking at this phone wherever it went. It’s like the thing looks pretty good. It turns out that there were many who did not have much interest in the phone. They also came once and asked what phone it was. A little new from factor that will create interest is normal. For example, if the usual flagship devise is rice, then the foldable devise is biryani. Both are made in rice but everyone needs but biryani. There was some more hope with the camera in the technical thing. And with the battery I expected a few more hours of battery backup.

Moreover this phone could not actually make it look bad in any way. The foldable phone is a future. And I think foldable phones are the upcoming trend. or upcoming normal things are going to happen. And among these foldable phones, flip 3 is currently available in the price range in the country. If you compare it with the previous flip, it is quite affordable. But even that is beyond the reach of normal people, even us and the purchaser. And when I took this phone in my hand, it gave a fall that if I had this phone. This type gives a fell. Because the phone is really interesting. Now we are talking about who this phone is for. In my opinion, this phone is for everyone.

For example you have an expensive flagship devise. Understand but have to devise expensive flagship. And no one pays much attention to that. Then you will come up with a foldable devise like this. instant everyone will pay attention to you. So it can be bought by all types of people if they want. It’s just above use. You will see that the phone looks good, but you can. So whatever it is like today, it will be seen again in a new article. Until then, everyone will be fine, healthy. Allah Hafiz

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