Xiaomi Redmi 10

Xiaomi Redmi 10 – Specs, Price, Reviews, and user opinion

Xiaomi Redmi 10 – Specs, Price, Reviews, and user opinion


Assalamalaikum, Redeay people. Xiaomi devise is a lot of diversity type. They have so many models, so many line up, so many variants, I doubt if Xiaomi can remember it properly. So today we have the latest devise of Redmi series Xiaomi Redmi 10. It devise the next of the Redmi 9 and Redmi series this targeted customer but much more. Because everyone in this budget range thinks that this budget range is one of the best. Almost a good experience. That’s way Redmi series is popular. So I saw a lot of hype going on. We have been using the phone for a long time. Today we will discuss this phone in detail  and I am Ratanuzzaman Ripon. You are with Redeay Team.

Xiaomi Redmi 10 price Philippines

Redmi was originally a midrange or budget segment series of Xiaomi from the beginning. Xiaomi tries to keep the fungus of this series thick and compact. However, they launched a big screen phone called Redmi Note in 2013. Xiaomi originally wanted to establish the series from extra level to midrange from the beginning. They call their efforts Redmi series or standalone Redmi brand. So far around 80 models have been launched till the writing of this article. In this way, the latest change Redmi Note 10 series. However, so far in 2019, Xiaomi has announced that Redmi will now be a separate brand and Redmi will operate completely different from Xiaomi. Will operate separately. However, research and development are all the same. Yet Xiaomi’s statement was like that.

The bad news is that now this is the Xiaomi Redmi 10 phone. It would be nice to have the phone in hand. This means it takes mate to see the color. Again, not at all mate. You can see that it is not too shiny. Again fingerprint magnet and not. Speaking of in hand fell, it fell quite well. Good to hold the phone in hand. However, this is not a union body phone. The back part and side frame are all plastic. It looks a little thick with that. And looking at the camera bump, the phone looks a little thicker. Again, the screen looks a bit loose. What is the meaning of the matter. In other words, when you look at this phone with your hand, it seems that the screen is floating upwards.

Well we haven’t seen unboxing. Then show a little unboxing. When you open the box, there will be a compartment first. Where it says power by Redmi. This includes sim ejector pin, flexible case and some documents. This is followed by Xiaomi Redmi 10. Below that is a 22.5W fast charger. Although the phone supports fast charging up to 18W. There is also a type C cable. Well, it’s unboxing.

Xiaomi Redmi 10 price Philippines

Xiaomi Redmi 10 at the top of the phone is a 3.5 mm headphone pot, secondary speaker, airblaster and secondary noice cancilation microphone. That means it is a stereo speaker phone. that’s a good thing.

Xiaomi Redmi 10 price Philippines

On the left is only the sim tray. Which is a triple card slot. In other words, there is an opportunity to use SD card with two sim.

Xiaomi Redmi 10 price in Bangladesh

At the bottom are the speaker grill, type C pot and primary microphone.

Xiaomi Redmi 10 price in Bangladesh

And on the right side of the volume broker is the fingerprint power button.


Let’s hope for the screen. Xiaomi Redmi 10 has 6.5 ins IPS LCD HD + 90Hz screen. Listening to Full HD and 90Hz, many people can happily take a leap. But wait  listened to the rest of the time. There is a punctual camera cut on a screen with 20: 9 aspect ratio. Which is a little bigger cut out. Of course, I would have liked it if it was a little smaller. There is a shadow on all four sides of the cut which is not like complaining about IPS LCD screen at this price. And the top and bottom chin areas are a little bigger. side bezel and large. Could have made a little smaller bed.

The color tone is a little cool, a little warmed color by default. But the color looks a bit wash out or faded to me. Black is not pure black. There was a black of gray type. This means that the IPS LCD panels are able to produce batter black color. And its colors are not so saturated. I found the display settings and set the vivid option by default. That is why this situation. Although there is no problem with brightness in indoor, it would have been better if it was a little brighter. And outdoor visibility is low. It is a bit difficult to see on the screen during the sun. Now let’s talk a little about the benefit of 90Hz. But at the beginning we have to see the UI.

Occasionally there is a small lag in the UI. Frame drop in particular. This means that if you scroll or go to the basic UI, sometimes you can see the frame drop. There is an issue of optimization which I understood. Now it remains to be seen whether Xiaomi will fix or do anything with this upgrade in the near future. Touch response is not a bad bulb. 80Hz touch sampling rate. But I expected the touch response to be a little better. Which can now be complained about on the display of this phone at this price. But in the future, I hope the price will be reduced.


For the first time in the hardware section, the latest chipset of Media Tack Helio G88 has been used. It is basically the processor of the popular G85. There are two 2gHz cortex A75 cores. And 6 1.8GHz Cortex A55 cores. We have 6 / 128Gb variant. However, this time also at this time Emme 5.1 storage at this price. It would have been better if it was UFS based. One thing I noticed is 6GB of RAM as well as its RAM management average. This means that many apps are in RAM and not much time. This is a common issue of MIUI. RAM management must be jammed. Who knows when Xiaomi will optimize it.


Redmi10 price

In terms of gaming, the processor G85, G80 is like them. Well, there is not much deference to tell the truth. I played Call Of Duty Mobile in medium graphic running at high Fps maximum. Didn’t find any kind of lag multi player. However, at the end of the game at Battle Royal when the area is small lag in the middle. Now this could be a software optimization issue. Or maybe nothing then but light can drop a little. And playing more Asphalt 9 and game play was good enough.

But in daily use when you want to chill call, message, social media apps banking apps, food delivery or shopping apps or Netflix. In these cases, as per the perfume. It is giving a thick and stable confidence that can hold such performance in a long time. This Helio G88 chipset was relies a few days ago. Globally MIUI 12.5 is no different from the overall user interface.

Global ROM now uses Google dialer and message apps. There is nothing to say about the new MIUI. The speed of the side mounted fingerprint sensor was ok level. Simply put, it was a little slow. I was responding a little late.


Redmi 10 camera review

This phone is one of the upgrade camera from the previous generation. 50Mp primary Samsung 5KJN1 sensor has been used in it. With 8Mp ultra wide Sony IMX355 sensor. And two useless 2Mp depth and macro sensors as supporting. This is a quad camera setup on paper. And in front is the pouncual 8Mp selfie shooter. But I can’t help but mention one thing. It has 50Mp camera written on the camera above the camera housing. If you see it, you will suddenly feel as if this is the primary camera sensor. But not below the primary sensor. The upper watch is basically an ultra wide sensor. The subject is a little wired. Because this way high light should have survived the primary camera sensor. But they have done the opposite.

Redmi 10 camera review

Anyway, let’s discuss to see the picture samples. The camera UI is basically MIUI stoke camera as well as I did not notice any kind of Sutter delay. The dynamic range is good. However, highlight over glone sometimes. And there is more contrast in the picture. Saturation and brightness are a little less than that. Can’t hold details. Even if you take a picture at 50Mp, it keeps a lot of details or captures a very sharp image. This is the case with both primary cameras and ultra wide sensors. Rather, with the ultra wide camera, the details are more visible. Suddenly it may not be understood. But if you look at the distant things of a little zoom call, you can understand how much the camera has struggled.

Xiaomi Redmi 10

Xiaomi has a lot to say about artificial intelagence or AI. But to be honest, if you take pictures with this AI capable, it doesn’t create too many details. Can reproduce some color. The color is somewhat boosted. Or in simple words it looks good. But on the contrary, a lot of stability is needed. This means that the picture becomes blurred when the hand moves a little. Lots of tough hands to take pictures. If you take a picture with a strong hand in night mode, you will get some thick results. Just make the light a little sharper and pop up. But enough grain is seen. And after capturing the image in night mode, the processing is very slow.


Xiaomi Redmi 10

And with its camera we took some portrait samples. The portrait samples were average. Its H dictation was thick. With 8Mp selfie shooter we got mid selfie performance. And like portrait sample and rare camera, it is of average level. There was a problem with dictation. And the selfie is to take a little hard hand. If not, take a blur image in selfie. But overall at this price, this type of front camera is thick.


However, I was quite disappointed in the video section. Why not give this phone you can record video at maximum 1080p 30Fps and video stability and video sharpness quality was not very good.

Speaker must be mentioned. Because it has xiaomi dual speaker. Although sound output is rare. The loudness average is not too high. Again very rarely that.


Well after that the battery is powering everything up. This font has a 5000mAh battery. There was a time when Xiaomi made their 4000mAh battery the standard capacity. Now that T has moved to 5000mAh. Now their 5000mAh battery capacity is running like a standard trend. So it can be called battery backup descent. We got about 7 hours 30 munities to almost 8 hours battery backup. Which is expected to give backup from morning to night. And for which there is a fast charger of 22.5W in the box. Although the phone only supports up to 18W. However, it takes about 2 hours 30 munities to fully charge from 0% to 100%.

Short information:

Let’s share some short information. Widevine L1 supported. That means you can stream HD content on platforms like Netflix Amazon Prime Video. earpiece quality is fine, network is good. This phone has Google dealer and Google message. In other words, call recording will tell the people on the other side of you. That your call is being recorded. It can be called a deal broker for many people. So at the end of it all, I have discussed information with you so far. Now the question is whether to buy this phone or not. But it depends on your own choice. Now at that price. This means that this Xiaomi Redmi 10 is available around $1900. I have discussed it as that price.

However, there are two variants of this phone. A 64Gb and 128Gb variant. The price of 64Gb is a little chipper Rs. 12,499 and 128Gb as it costs around RS. 14,499. Now if this phone comes in the country market with the price of Xiaomi . I believe this phone will be able to meet the satisfaction of many at this price. note bad not too much good. In this price range. So, like today, we will meet again in a new article. Until then, everyone will be fine and healthy. And you must let us know how you like the article in the comments box. Allah Hafiz


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